Help is just a phone call away.

Our Maternity Advisors are on hand 24 hours a day

At Baby 911 we have experienced and qualified Maternity Advisors who are dedicated and enthusiastic about helping fathers with their specific needs.


Whatever your fears or questions may be, no matter how big or how small, we are on hand day and night to help you, because at Baby 911 we believe a happy baby makes for a happy home.



Is yourbaby a bundle of joy?


Help is just a phone call away


Having a baby can be very stressful

Babies do not come with manuals and have certainly not read the books. They cannot tell us what the problem is, however, they do show us the signs.


Do you sometimes feel like pulling your hair out?



Baby 911 Supports Fathers



Baby 911 is a 24 hour helpline and consultancy service for parents with babies, toddlers and young children.

Baby 911 has a team of maternity nurses who are all highly experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated to giving impartial advice.

Baby 911 was born out of the need for parents who for many reasons may not have the vital support needed to excel in parenthood.

Baby 911 realises that parents don't always have someone to turn to, after they leave hospital.

Baby 911 wanted to set up a service that parents could use which offered an experienced voice at the end of a phone.  

Baby 911 is dedicated to answering your queries 24 hours a day. We hope to clear up some common misconceptions about baby rearing.

Baby 911 provides the human contact that is so often missing in these most delicate times. 

Baby 911 would like you to treat this as a big sister service. We don't claim to be miracle workers; we just want to help you enjoy your baby more.


Here at Baby 911 we want to help you recognise all the signs that your baby is trying to communicate to you, we also want to support you in learning the vital skills needed to understand your baby.


                *   Feeling like you're failing at parenthood?

                *   Baby not sticking to the routine?

                *   Feeling desperate, no one to help?

                *   Breast feeding not quite what you expected?

                *   Sore nipples?

                *   Worried your baby isn't getting enough milk?

                *   Desperate for sleep?

                *   Baby not settling at night?

                *   Anxious about your babies development?

                *   Need someone to talk to?




Baby 911 all

hands on deck


Or a bundle of nerves?

What makes Baby 911 different?


Welcome to Baby 911 where help and practical advice is just a phone call away.


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