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Baby 911

Baby 911 came to flourish in October 2009 

Many years ago families were more accessible to one another; it was natural for a new mother to have an elder mother figure on hand.


In the early stages of parenthood the elders would be there to support her and teach her all the basic skills needed to care for her bundle of joy. However, times have changed and families are not as accessible as they once were.


In the 1960's new mothers were sent to a special aftercare centre where qualified midwives would show them the basic skills needed to care for their newborn. Sadly in this day and age you have your baby in hospital and are sent home packing to do it alone within hours of giving birth. More and more new families have to rely on hired help. This and many other reasons was the reason behind Baby 911 developing.


Iman the founder of Baby 911 came up with the idea based on the high demand for information from parents about their babies when working in her various jobs as a maternity nurse.


Whilst there are other places you can get information from, none of them offered on the spot practical advice.


Iman is a 50 year old, British born mother of four and grandmother to 13. At the age of 21 Iman was the youngest foster parent on the books of Derby Social Services.


Iman has a Diplomas in both Child Care & Education and Pre School Practice, along with 30 years of child care experience.


Iman now works in the field of Maternity Nursing and Sleep Training  and has a vast amount of experience in the care of multiples.


Iman knows the importance of creating a stable and calm household in order to raise happy families.


Founder of Baby 911

Help is just a phone call away

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